Why I’m Not A Feminist

So, if you hadn’t gathered by the title of both this blog and this post, I am not a feminist. If you are reading this, I am assuming your first thought is one of five things:
(a) Me neither — not to say that I disagree with women’s rights or the first and second waves of feminism, just that modern feminism has become, for lack of a better word, a shitstorm.
(b) Same but you’re a girl, go back to the kitchen instead of writing blogs lol.
(c) I personally disagree with you but I respect your opinion.
(d) You are a terrible person with a serious case of internalised misogyny.
(e) I literally don’t care at all whatsoever.

If you are not thinking any of those things, I apologise for assuming so. If you are, however, I respond:
(a) You are the kind of anti-feminist I like and you will hopefully enjoy this blog.
(b) You are the kind of anti-feminist I don’t like. Please leave. Or stick around but stop making idiotic comments.
(c) You are the kind of feminist I like and hopefully you will stick around and be willing to have civilised discussions about the areas in which our opinions differ.
(d) You are the kind of feminist I don’t like. Please leave. Or stick around and learn more about why my opinion differs to yours instead of making idiotic comments.
(e) Then… why are you here?

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I shall introduce myself. My name is Kate (hopefully that doesn’t give away enough information for anyone to stalk me), I am seventeen years old so this blog will not be professional in the slightest, I enjoy and — hopefully — am good at writing so it actually might be a little bit professional (just a little), and I dislike #tumblrteens very much so I am going to stop referring to this as a blog because it makes me feel like a #tumblrteen. Pretty much it unless I think of anything else.

As for why I am not a feminist, there’s a very long and complicated list of reasons, if I’m entirely honest, so hopefully you guys will stick around to find out more. Sorry to say I won’t be giving away the answer in this particular post, kind of defeating the purpose of the title but oh well.

Until next time.

PS. I feel awkward because there’s probably no one reading this so I’m basically just talking to myself.


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